Meat Whistle Tying Instructions

The meat whistle is a great bass fly.  A lot of people use it for trout and pike as well.  I am getting the boxes stocked because bass fishing is going to get good soon.

Meat Whistle - Bass, Pike, Trout Fly

Hook: TFS 5444 #1/0
Thread: Black 6/0 Mono
Cone: Large Gold Tungsten
Rib: Black Wire (Brassie size)
Body: Purple Diamond Braid
Tail/Overwing: Black Rabbit Strip
Legs: Black Crazy Legs
Collar: Black Marabou
Dubbing: Black Hare's Ear

Step 1: Build up thread dam near eye of the hook.

Step 2: Add hard-as-hull and slide cone forward.

Step 3: Tie in wire and diamond braid.

Step 4: Wrap diamond braid.

Step 5: Pierce rabbit strip, slide down hook bend, and tie off  at the end of diamond braid.

Step 6: Rib rabbit strip and body with wire.

Step 7: Tie in three pair of black rubber legs on both side of hook.

Step 8: Wrap marabou collar.
Step 9: Dub area covering marabou butts and whip finish.
When you rib the body take care not to trap any rabbit fur.  I usually thread the wire through the rabbit by "poking" it through down near the hide.  Feel free to add flash as well.  When I add flash I tie it in right after I tie in the rubber legs.  Get creative with colors on this fly I like rust and olive as well as black.


  1. shoud I try useing t-8 as an alternate to rubber legs for faster sinking and a spiny feel?


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