Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bluegill Action

 I wanted to get my soon to be father-in law some practice with his new fly rod when I was up in Salt Lake City and what better fish than bluegill.  Fishing was pretty slow at the start due to the cold and rainy weather.  Bill did manage to hook up on one his first day but it was still not really a success.

 Dutch oven jambalaya....mmm.  One thing about having celiac disease is you pretty much assume the role of camp chef.  No one ever seems to complain though.
 Cholla's first trip in a drift boat.  It went relatively smoothly.  She slipped/jumped out of the boat three times the first day and by the last day she only took one spill.  I think she'll get the hang of it.

Bill finally got the hang of it the last day we were out.  He was pretty sick too so I guess we'll mark the trip as a success.  Next time hopefully the bass will be on the feed a little more.

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