Sunday, May 1, 2011


This is a simple fly that works great on the Green in Utah.  I am not sure why ginger is such a great streamer color there and I don't even really care as long as it puts fish in the boat.  I've had good luck with it on the lower Henry's Fork in the fall too so give it a try wherever you fish.  This fly is just a woolly bugger with brass eyes.  You could tie it in any color but then you'd have to change the name.

 Goldilocks - Streamer
Hook: TMC 5263 #6
Eyes: Medium Brass Eyes
Tail: Tan Marabou
Flash: Copper Krystal Flash
Rib (optional): Copper Wire
Hackle: Ginger Schlappen
Body: Medium Tan Chenille

When you pick out the marabou for the tail try and get one with thick fibers instead of longer, slender fibers.  I'm not sure how well you can tell from the picture but the one on the left is preferable to the one on the right.  When you go to your local fly shop just look through all the packs they have of marabou to find the pack with the most tasty goodness.

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  1. I love the ginger! I tied a very similar pattern, but in black, and it's been working great here in Colorado -- on everything from trout to carp to croppie.

    You have a great blog! Glad to have found it....cheers!