Monday, May 9, 2011

Lees Ferry

Got the chance to stop at Lee's Ferry on the way up to Utah and Idaho.
 Rolled into Lees Ferry a little later than planned so no chance to fish last night.  It is nice they have the wind shelters there.....but it is obviously a bad omen as it was very windy.  I am having real problems with the wind this year.  Next time I see the wind I am going to punch it in the throat.

Woke up to a beautiful morning and only moderate wind.  I talked to some guys who had fished the day before so it didn't take long to get into the fish. Most of the fish were smallish but the fun thing about smallish bows is they have a habit of jumping like crazy.  Fishing was really good if you get a chance to head up that way in the near future you should.  Flows were high but the fish were on the feed.  I did try for the carp one of the guys told be were hanging out were the Paria River dumps in but didn't find any takers.

Far and away the best fly was a black zebra midge.  I caught all of my fish on midges.  I also threw a san juan worm and a pink/white ray charles as my lead fly above the dropped midge.  

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  1. "Next time I see the wind I am going to punch it in the throat." -- if you do ever see him, please throw a punch for me too, I've been having a heck of a time with him this year too!

    Looks like the start of a great trip...I'm looking forward to your posts and pics!

    p.s. hope you enjoy the crepes! ;)