Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, on the Flats.....

Fishing has been hit or miss so far.  Lots of high water.  We had one really good day carp fishing and then went back a couple days later to find the water a foot or two higher, colder, breezy, and very little carp action.  Here are some pics of the mirror carp we were after.

Nice mirror.

Worm eater.

What's not to love about those lips?

Ugly dude, pretty fish.

Slippery bugger.

The best fly as usual was a roughfisher's carp assasin that I modified for more movement in the water.  He sells them on his site and I'll try and post up a tying tutorial on my modified version sometime.  Hopefully it will stop snowing so we can get back out again.  Not sure where else we'll fish on this trip the Green is blown and so is the Henry's Fork but the plan is to chase bass and bluegills for several days and then head up to Idaho next week.  If you like the pics check out my buddy Jay's blog he wields a camera with the best of 'em.


  1. Very nice. Love the action shot at the end. I've been there more times than I would like to admit...


  2. Those are some really cool looking carp. What state are you in?

  3. Utah right now. Will chase some carp in Idaho as well.

  4. Good luck in Idaho Ryan. Idaho looks super-sweet for carp, gotta get there some day.

  5. Great post...awesome mirror!
    "Ugly dude, pretty fish." - hehe ;)

  6. That's a sweet looking worm pattern with the eyes and all-- great carp!