Royal Humpy Tying Instructions

The royal humpy seems to have fallen out of favor in the last couple years.  I am not really sure why but it probably has less bin appeal than the usually flashy, foam attractor patterns.  The royal humpy is one of my favorite small creek flies.  It float like cork and the fish seem to like it.  It just makes me think of little creeks and cutties.  Purple seems to be a new favorite color for attractor flies so I just switched out the color floss and there you have it.

Royal Humpy, Purple - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 900BL or 100 #14-16
Thread: Black 6/0
Wing: White Poly Yarn
Tail/Humpback: Moose
Body: Purple Floss
Hackle: Brown and Grizzly

Step 1: Start you thread.

Step 2: Tie in poly yarn, clip and wrap over butts.

Step 3: Split yarn and x-wrap.

Step 4: Make a couple wraps around each wing section.

Step 5: Tie in tail and wrap forward.  DO NOT clip butts.

Step 6: Fold hair back and wrap over.

Step 7: Tie in floss and wrap body.

Step 8: Fold hair forward and tie off.

Step 9: Tie in hackle.

Step 10: Wrap hackle one at a time and tie off.

The last important step is head cement.  I like to hit the moose hair hump with a shot of cement in addition to the head for added durability.  I also love this fly in yellow with a tan elk hump.  Step 4 can be a little tricky to get the hang of.  The wraps you are making go around the circumference of each wing segment so it takes a little getting used to.


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