Friday, September 23, 2011

Bugling Bulls

I spent the last couple days out chasing elk and deer with my bow.  There are youth rifle elk and muzzerloader deer hunting seasons going on in this area so I had to wear some blaze orange.  Fortunately, we hiked in far enough that we didn't see a soul.

We saw lots of animals.  Several elk and a bunch of deer including one really nice buck.

We snuck right up on this doe in her bed.  Decided not to shoot which was great because she had a fawn with her that we couldn't see in the tall grass.

Click on the pic if you can't pick her out on the smaller version.
I always love sleeping up on the mountain.  This was home for the night.  We went to bed with elk on the ridge above camp, had a deer or two visit us in the night, and woke up to bugling bulls. 

Kinda hard to beat.....well elk steaks in the freezer would've been nice but it was still a great time.

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