Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cholla Got the Blues

"Golden days come and go. There is one thing I know. I've still got the blues for you"

- Gary Moore

I haven't been out grouse hunting for almost two years, Cholla's never been out grouse hunting, and my buddy isn't really an expert grouse hunter but we got out today and did okay.  The day started out pretty quickly when we spotted a covey just off the road.  Now just for the record I hate road hunters but if there is a covey of grouse it just seems silly to not get out of the truck and see if they'll flush.

A couple loads of 7 and a half shot and Cholla has her first blues EVER. 

She hunted hard the rest of the day and we ended up with one more bird and couple misses.   When I say misses I what I am saying is we blew it......  I'm gonna blame not having shot in the past 21 months, Cholla has no idea what to expect, and I think Jay was blaming the wind, regardless we didn't limit but it was still a great day.  

The only bummer was the two bull elk that ran in front of me laughing because I brought a shotgun and a dog to the woods today instead of my bow.

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