Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Strange forces seem to compel us to climb mountains and stand on their peaks. Determination must be among these reasons.  After a half dozen false summits dash your hopes of finally attaining your goal something pushes you on.

Maybe, it's the spirit of adventure to see what lies beyond.  That small bit of Huck Finn in all of us.
For me the answer is more primordial.  It is a worthy adversary. A small, gray bird that flushes hard and flies fast and is earned only through sweat and boot leather. This is what encourages me to climb on.

The long, steep climb, better than any stair climber on the market.

A perfect day to be in chukar country.

Today belonged to the chukar, but fret not for very soon we will be climbing to the summit yet again.

Happy but chukarless.

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