Monday, May 7, 2012

Bass Worm

Here is a great little bass fly from Ryan at Dakota Anglers. The only modification I made to his bug was adding the rubber legs. This fly has a lot going on for it: (1)It is an easy tie. I have a bunch of friends who fish and not many who tie so handing over a fly that take 5-10 minutes to tie can be tough to swallow. (2)It is light. Most guys who fish for bass on the fly a lot would recommend an 8, 9 or even 10 weight. It isn't because bass are particularly strong fighters but a lot of the flies you end up fishing with are big suckers and need a big rod to "cast", and I use "cast" in more of a lob/chuck kind of way. You can cast this fly easily on a 5 or 6 weight. (3)Despite being light the tungsten cone at the front really allows the fly to plummet between strips and this is when most bass hit the fly.

Bass Worm
Hook: TMC 8089 #6 or 10 (I used a Daiichi but I was just finishing off a random stash)
Thread: Mono (to match body)
Cone: Large Black Tungsten Cone
Body and Tail: Estaz Chenille or similar
Legs: Sili Legs
Collar: Marabou

The color combinations are endless so get tying. Don't wrap weight on the body of this fly you want it to nosedive.  If you want the instructions check 'em out at

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