Parker Canyon Lake

Headed out early today, fueled by some awful coffee from the QT, to Parker Canyon to catch some trout.  Fishing was good, real good.  It was kinda like those big fish tanks they have at outdoor shows or the fair that they let kids under 12 fish.  It doesn't take long to start and feel a little bit bad for the fish.  The trout were in schools so you just had to look around and find them.  The dogs could see the fish too and thought they'd try and catch some on their own.  They reminded me of stripers pushing a bait ball around.  I guess that adds a little challenge to catching them when you have two dogs swimming around after them trying to do likewise.
Parker Canyon Lake

Synchronized Swimming
No they didn't end up catching any but they got a good swim out of it.
School of trout
Not sure how well you can see but in the last pic is a school of like twenty trout all schooled up, it helps if you zoom in.  No fish worth taking pictures of, typical size for southern AZ lakes.