Bluegill Gurgler

This fly is a money topwater fly for bluegill.  In larger sizes it is a great bass fly too.  It was originated by the late Jack Gartside to catch stripers.  I have been amazed this spring how much better the bluegill have responded to a gurgler as compared with a traditional popper, maybe it how the gurgler lays in the water.  Another nice thing about the gurgler is that it is a simple fly to tie which is great for someone just getting into tying.  Here's the recipe. I nicknamed it the taco maker because it has consistently been keeping us in fish tacos this season.

Gill Gurgler - aka "The Taco Maker"
Hook: TMC 200R or 2312 #10-12
Tail: Bucktail and Krystal Flash
Overbody: 2mm Foam
Body: Estaz Chenille
Legs: Rubber Legs
Hackle: Saddle Hackle

Here is an all black one.  I add a little contrasting piece of foam for visibility.

Some white ones with a red foam accent.

Top view of the gurgler.

I didn't put color on the material list as you can mix and match all you want.  The tie is pretty straight forward but if you have questions let me know.


  1. I don't really understand why those work so well. But gurglers are deadly when fishing for large mouth bass. Great blog, I look forward to following it.

  2. The other nice thing about using them for bass is they take a quarter of the time to tie compared to a Dalhberg. Thanks for checking the blog out.


  3. This fly seems a fly that I used to catch gipsy barbs.
    Excellebt fly.



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