Flashtail Clouser Tying Instructions

There isn't much to say about this fly.  It's a classic, it's easy to tie and it works.

Flashtail Clouser
Hook: TMC 811S #2/0-8
Thread: White Flat Waxed Nylon
Eyes: Lead Eyes
Tail: Flashabou, Polar Flash, etc.
Underwing: Bucktail
Flash (optional): Krystal Flash
Overwing Bucktail

Step 1. Lay thread base for eyes.

Step 2. Tie in eyes using x-wraps.

Step 3. Tie in a bunch of flashabou.

Step 4. Tie in underwing and wrap to eye.

Step 5. Pull bucktail over eye and tie down.

Step 6. Clip excess bucktail.

Step 7. Invert hook.  Fold krystal flash around thread.

Step 8. Wrap thread over krystal flash.

Step 9. Tie in bucktail overwing.

Step 10. Clip excess bucktail.

Step 11. Wrap over remaining butts.  Whip finish.  Cement.

Try any number of color combinations.


  1. Very nice tie of a classic, probably my favorite go to fly . From Smallies to False Albacore cnt be beat. Good job!

  2. These look great! The bucktail version looks especially classy for some reason in my mind. Thanks for the reminder that I need to tie up more of these!

  3. Glad you guys like the tie.

  4. Best multispecies fly ever! It is a cruel joke on those of us who love a box full of many different patterns that most of the time you only need this one in different sizes, weights and colors.


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