CDC Captive Dun Tying Instructions

Rene Harrop is pretty much a badass when it comes to developing flies for selective trout.  This one has always worked great for me.  I tied up a bunch for a trip on the South Fork in late August. I plan on selling these flies to my buddies mid-hatch for $5 a piece....except Jay he has to pay $10.

CDC Captive Dun - Mahogany Dun
Hook: TMC 100 #16
Thread: 8/0 Rusty Brown Uni
Tail: Mallard Dyed Woodduck
More Tail: Amber Antron
Body: Mahogany Turkey Biot
Wingcase: Natural Dun CDC
Thorax: Dark Hare's Ear Dubbing

Step 1: Tie in woodduck tail

Step 2: Tie in antron it should be about half as long as the woodduck.

Step 3: Tie in and wrap turkey biot.  Hit the thread with head cement before you wrap it for durability.

Step 4: Tie in a clump of cdc fibers.

Step 5: Dub thorax.

Step 6: Pull cdc forward and tie down.

Step 7: Split the fibers like a pheasant tail.

Step 8: Clip cdc and whip finish.

Trout Hunter makes the best CDC I've ever used hands down.  They also have some sweet dubbing.  Give their stuff a try you'll be glad you did.