Getting It Handed To Me

Well it was my first hunting trip for basically two years and I was pretty pumped.  Got a new bow this spring and was ready to take it out for a ride.

Headed up high to drop into some hella steep canyons.

If you haven't been hunting for a while it is a good idea to bring someone who is in really good shape to pack out the elk for you.  The only problem with someone who spends all his time backcountry skiing or mountain biking is he'll beat you down trying to keep up.

Yup, he did.
Elk country is big and beautiful.  We got into 'em too.  Saw a lot of cows and a couple spike bulls.  Managed to get within 48 yards of one spike but the wind swirled and it was over.

Not sure where the big bulls were at but it is still early in the season and I am sure as soon as the weather starts to turn they'll be around.  That many cows.......they'll be around soon.
The new bow.  Didn't get a shot off but hey it's bowhunting and plus I'd be done archery elk hunting for the season.

Now I need a recovery nap.