Barr's Damsel Fly - Tying Instructions

My buddy and I got to talking about spring and bass, bluegill, and stillwaters.  One fly that really starts to work in the spring is damsel fly nymphs.  Damsel fly nymphs are just plain fun to tie.  Here is a great imitation created by John Barr.  It just looks fishy and when the fish are on damsels you need a couple in your box.

Barr's Damsel Fly Nymph

Hook: TMC 200R #10-12
Thread: 6/0 Olive Uni
Eyes: Black Medium Mono Eyes
Tail: Light Olive Marabou
Rib: 4X Monofilament
Shellback: Tan Thin Skin
Body: Olive/Tan Dubbing
Legs: Olive Mallard Flank

Step 1: Tie on mono eyes using figure eight wraps.

Step 2: Tie in marabou tail.

Step 3: Tie in monofilament rib.

Step 4: Tie in thin skin.

Step 5: Dub abdomen of fly.

Step 6: Tie in clump of mallard feathers on far side of fly.

Step 7: Tie in clump of mallard feathers on near side of fly.

Step 8: Dub thorax.

Step 9: Pull shellback over and tie off.

Step 10: Rib body and whip finish.

Finished product.
I like the olive/tan dubbing mix best but a light olive fly will work very well too.