The BBB Dragon

I came up with this fly because I wasn't happy with most of the dragonfly nymphs out there.  I wanted to create a realistic wide body that was flattened dorsoventrally like the real bug.  I played around with extra weight on the sides and various other materials but eventually settled on furry foam to do the trick.  I am pretty pleased with the final product after all the tinkering.

The name BBB Dragon comes from the original inspiration for a dragonfly nymph.  A couple buddies and I had been spring fishing and doing well for bluegills but only the occasional small bass.  My friend Bert stayed later in the day than we did on the last day and finally connected with a big bass on a dragonfly the BBB (Bert's Big Bass) Dragon idea was born.

BBB Dragon
Hook: TMC 2302 #6
Thread: 6/0 Dark Brown Uni
Weight: Non-Tox Wire
Eyes: Medium Black Mono Eyes
Tail: Brown Marabou
Rib: Brown D-rib
Underbody: Furry Foam
Abdomen: SLF Dubbing Dragonfly Nymph
Wingcase: Black Thin Skin
Legs: Brown Hen Hackle
Thorax: SLF Dubbing Dragonfly Nymph

Step 1: Wrap lead underbody.

Step 2: Tie in mono eyes using figure eight wraps.

Step 3: Tie in marabou tail.

Step 4: Tie in D-rib.

Step 5: Cut to pieces of furry foam about like this.

Step 6: Tie in furry foam on side and wrap forward to near the eyes.

Step 7: Fold furry foam back and wrap over halfway down shank and trim off.

Step 8: Tie in furry foam on opposite side in the same manner.  Now you have a nice fat body.

Step 9: Dub abdomen.

Step 10: Rib body.

Step 11: Cut a notch in the thin skin and tie in.

Step 12: Tie in hen feather.

Step 13: Wrap hen hackle 1-2 turns.

Step 14: Dub thorax, tie off, and whip finish.

The BBB Dragon has proved it's effectiveness on southern Arizona bass, big trout, and bluegill.  I imagine if you threw it in front of a carp they'd gobble it up too.


  1. Nice! Thanks for the credit as inspiration.



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