Carp Quickie

The beautiful thing about carp is you can be sitting at home doing nothing waiting to go to work and think I have an hour I should go fishing.....

Went to a local spot I've fished many times before.  I almost always use a worm but today I switched it up and tried a Primordial Carp-Stew.  This fly was the brain child of Trevor Tanner.  Trevor is a die hard carp guy who puts a lot of thought into his bugs.  Well, long story short I had two hook ups and landed this I gotta get ready for another night of work.  
Battle Royale

Short n' Fat
Oh, and check out Trevor's site at


  1. Ryan - Your back in the game! Glad the stew produced. Its not the quickest or easiest or simplest carp pattern but it does work.

  2. First try with one, or my rendition, my youngest boy caught a brute. Good for your fishing!



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