Ladybug Fly

On my last trip up into a Uintas lake we kept a couple fish.  I don't keep trout that often but when I do I like to see what they've been eating so I can come back with flies to match.  One thing I found in all the trout I kept on this trip was ladybugs and some of the fish had a lot of ladybugs.  I seem to remember seeing some ladybug flies somewhere but here is the version I came up with.

Ladybug Fly - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 900BL #18
Thread: Uni 8/0 Black
Foamback: Red Foam
Hackle: Brown
Body: UV Ice Dub Peacock
Post: Golden McFlylon

Side View

Top View

They're coming for ya!
If you are headed into the mountains try some out you may be surprised.  I know I was to see how important a food source ladybugs were to fish in high mountain lakes.