Hogan's Good and Plenty Caddis Pupa

This caddis pupa has become one of my favorite dropper flies throughout the summer.  It is an easy tie. I am not 100% how much my version differs from Hogan Brown's original but it work well on the Provo, Weber, and South Fork.  I tie it in green and amber.

Good n' Plenty - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 2487 #12-18
Thread: Uni 6/0 Olive
Bead: Black Tungsten
Rib: Chartreuse Holo Tinsel
Body: Mercer's Buggy Dubbing
Legs: Black Pheasant Tail
Wing: Light Blue or Pearl Krystal Flash
Collar: Black Ostrich Herl

Step 1: Slide bead on hook.

Step 2: Tie in holo tinsel for rib.  You could use chartreuse wire as well.

Step 3: Dub tapered body.

Step 4: Rib body with tinsel.

Step 5: Tie in four pheasant tails on far side of hook.

Step 6: Tie in four more pheasant tails on near side of hook.

Step 7: Fold a piece of krystal flash in half and tie in for wings.  Trim to roughly body length.

Step 8: Tie in ostrich herl and make 3-4 wraps for thorax.  Whip finish.

This is the top view.

The original fly has 6-8 strands of krystal flash for the wing but just the two seem to work for me.  I think it also has a tail but caddis don't have tails or maybe I'm just lazy.  Tie some up and try 'em out.  You won't be disappointed.