If you asked me my what my favorite season is I'd without a doubt tell you fall.  I love fall but I am really enjoying spring.  I think I enjoy spring so much because of the anticipation of warmer days, bigger flies, and tomatoes that don't taste like wax.

I think one of the harbingers of spring for me is the skwalla.  It is an underrated hatch for sure and the fish will eat both nymphs and dries.  I know the olive hatch signals spring for many but if you've fished a good olive hatch here in Utah it sure as shit doesn't feel like spring...more like a blizzard.

Here is a fatty from the Weber my buddy nailed on a skwalla nymph the other day.  The bow is the fatty....

Another bonus in spring is when a cold beer starts to taste better than a hot cup of coffee.

This brown fell to a pig sticker...yeah I fish worms and like to catch whitefish...sue me!

Caught some more trout while trying to stick whitefish.  Oh well at least they fight well and looked pretty.  This brown ate a deep blue poison tung.  If you want to see how to tie it check Charlie's Fly Box online which one of the best resources out there if you tie.

Cheers!  Glad to get out the last couple days with some good friends and catch some fish.  Also for all my friends reading this I am WAY ahead on the season whitefish tally so you'd better get to work.


  1. Holy Blog post Batman!! It's been a while, glad to see you are back. Looks like a great time!

  2. Looks like you guys have been working hard... at playing.

    Tight lines.
    - Chris


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