Of Cutties and Creeks

 I don't know why I love fishing little creeks so much.  I think it is because they are just fun and simple.  When I fish the Green or the Ranch I usually have so many flies in my vest my back starts to hurt.  On creeks like this you only need one box, some 5X, and gink.  Definitely a refreshing change from all the crap I usually pack.

 I got to fish one of my favorite little creeks this past with weekend with my buddy Ryan and his nephew.  If I had to pick my favorite fish to catch it would be a cutt...probably because they live in places like this.  We had a great day, everybody caught plenty of pretty cutts.

It is good to be able to hit a spot like this and not see anybody fishing especially because this time of year if you head to the Provo it can be shoulder to shoulder.

I think we did best on a royal yellow humpy.  I got pretty excited by the numbers of hoppers I saw.  It should produce some great fishing in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Beautyful fishes and river.

    Best regards.

  2. Ah man, I love me some cutties. Looks like a great trip!


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