Thinking Outside of the Fly Box

Sometimes on hard fished rivers, like the Provo, it really pays to think out of the box when it comes to choosing your flies.  Just because everyone else is throwing black zebra midges doesn't mean that is the only thing that will take fish.

I really like fishing worms on the Provo.  This is a purple version of the eggs n' bacon fly.  Purple is a great trout color.

Even though the fish on the Provo see a lot of flies, this chunky brown didn't seem to realize that there are in fact no purple worms actually in the river.  I think tossing something different is helpful especially if you end up fishing a hole someone else just fished through.

It is midge season though and zebra midges always take fish.  I love the trout hunter tippets for fishing the small stuff this time of year.  Pauly and I had a great day on the river today.  We both caught some fish.  I was hoping the midge hatch was going to pop but we didn't see too much action up top.  I am sure the overcast weather didn't help the hatch.  Looking forward to fishing the buffalo midges in the coming weeks for sure!


  1. Purple is a great colour for trouts and seatrouts. And your nymph is very effective.



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