Wasatch Back Quad-fishalon Day #2 Deer Creek Reservoir

The second day of the Quad-fishalon was at Deer Creek Reservoir.  I had planned on hitting it solo again but we'd had some friends over last night to put in for Smith River permits and I mentioned it to my buddy Pauly and he was more that willing to go waste some time out on the ice.

The weather was pretty awful today.  Started with wind and snow...then switched to wind and rain...then some more wind.  P.S. wind is a douchebag.

The fishing however was pretty dang good though.  It seems like all the pics I took were of Pauly with fish...what can I say he had the hot hand today.   I did catch a couple and we'll see how the scores go for the overall fish total.  I know about half the field got skunked on East Canyon.

Goggles were actually a pretty good idea today with all the wind.

All the bows we caught were in pretty spawning colors.  They did suck to clean though as they milted (i.e. spermed) all over the place when I went to clean them.  The are now destined for the smoker.
Next up is Rockport where we'll be targeting more bows and big browns.