Tootsie Roll

Here is a simple and super effective tie for the summer.  Fish it anywhere it'll get ate!

Tootsie Roll - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 2312 #10-16
Thread: Black or Brown
Body: Rainy's Ant Foam
Body: UTC Holo Tinsel
Hackle: Brown Dyed Grizzly

Step 1: Secure the ant body to back of hook.  It helps to take a turn or two in front of the cylinder as well to keep it from rolling on you.
Step 2: Tie in and plamer hackle where you tied down the foam.
Step 3: Tie in and wrap holo tinsel body.
Step 4: Tie down foam leaving a little gap to tie off fly at the end.

Step 5: This is the same as step 2.  Then just lift the front part and whip finish.

That's all there is to it.  I like this fly in both cinnamon and black.  I use brown holo tinsel for the cinnamon one and red holo tinsel for the black one.  Tie some up for this summer you won't be disappointed.