On Point Chasing Sage Hens

I got to spend last Saturday out in the sage grouse sea chasing birds.  I grew up hunt the high sage a lot and it still holds a special place in my heart.  I haven't hunted with my buddy Jay in quite and while and his son Eli also drew tags. 

We hunted really hard for several hours without so much as getting a point out of the dogs.  We only had a hour or so left but we decided to check one last were we had seen birds in the past.  I'm glad we did.  Zephyr went on point within minutes.  It was great scenting conditions and his first point was a least a hundred yards out.

We all ended up tagging one bird.  Here in Utah you can get two each so Eli and I will be out to chase them this weekend. 

Super proud of my little dude, Zephyr.  He is turning into quite the bird dog in the start of his second season hunting.