Carp Chew Toy

Here is a carp fly I came up with using Chewee Skin.  It is pretty cool stuff and works anytime you want a nice segmented body.  I tied up a bunch of bonefish flies using it and have seen stonefly patterns incorporating it to.  This fly is tied on a heavy, curved scud hook with bead chain eyes so it's tail rides up in the water. The idea comes from Lance Egan's headstand carp fly and that dude crushes on carp.

Carp Chew Toy - Carp Fly
Hook: TMC 2457 #8
Thread: Dark Brown 6/0 Uni
Eyes: Medium Bead Chain Eyes
Tail: MFC Brown Centipede Legs
Body: Rust U.V. Chewee Skin
Thorax: Brown Swisher's Rub a Dub
Hackle: Orange Pheasant Rump
Here is how the fly should sit in the water with the rubber legs up and outta the muck.

Chewee Skin - Good Stuff


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