Rubber-Legged Dragon Tying Instructions

Here is my favorite bluegill fly.  Yeah I know they will eat anything but the sooner you catch your limit for fish tacos the sooner you can fish for bass and this one outfishes all the other flies I use for bluegill.  This fly was originated by Carter Nelson.

Carter's Rubber-Legged Dragon - Bluegill Fly
Hook: TMC 5262 #10
Thread: Olive Uni 6/0
Eyes: Medium Gold Beadchain Eyes
Tail: Olive Arctic Fox
Body: Olive Chenille
Legs: Barred Chartreuse Rubber Legs
Hackle: Olive Grizzly Hen Hackle
Head: Olive Dubbing

Step 1: Tie in eyes using figure eight wraps.

Step 2: Tie in tail
Step 3: Tie in chenille.  Tie in rubber legs on both sides of the body at the two-thirds point on the shank.

Step 4: Wrap chenille.  One wrap will go right over where you tied in the rubber legs.

Step 5: Tie in and wrap hen hackle.

Step 6: Dub head and whip finish.


  1. Hey Ryan, returning the visit. Looks like we started bloggin about the same time.

    I like the fly. Good quick tie. Ever try it on carp?

  2. I have used it for carp and it works well. I have a tough time passing up a san juan worm though as my go to for carp.

  3. Hey nice fly but the guy who invented it is named Carter Nelson, not Nelson Carter.
    Thanks for the acknowledgement.


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