Turneffe Crab Tying Instructions

I really couldn't find good instructions for this pattern online so I figured I'd post my variation.  I have a couple buddies heading to Belize in May and being stuck in school I volunteered to tie them some flies so at least part of me can go.  Here is how I tie this pattern.  It was originated by Craig Matthews owner of Blue Ribbon Flies which is one of the best fly shops I have ever been to, if you are in West Yellowstone you gotta stop in. 

Turneffe Crab - Permit/Bonefish Fly
Hook: TMC 811S #2-4
Thread: Tan 6/0 Uni
Eyes: Medium Brass Dumbell Eyes
Body: Cream Furry Foam
Legs: MFC Tan Barred Rubber Legs.
Wing: Elk Hair
Cement: Hard as Hull

Step 1: Tie in dumbell eyes

Step 2: Cut furry foam to a taper.

Step 3: Tie in furry foam on the underside of the hook

Step 4: Invert hook and tie in 4 rubber legs at the point of the dumbell eye

Step 5: Fold furry foam over and tie down

Step 6: Tie in elk hair wing

Step 7: Whip finish and trim head

Step 8: Coat all thread on underside of fly with hard as hull

This is the permit's eye view of the fly.  It is a pretty simple fly the only tricky part is tying the furry foam in centered on the underside of the fly.  Also I'd recommend omitting step #8 if your buddies are going to Belize without you so all the flies fall apart, that way you don't have to hear about all the fish they caught.  


  1. Sabotage??? Is that what's going on here??

  2. What makes you think I am not talking about my OTHER friends who are going to Belize??


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