Bass Flies - Jig Style

Fly fishing for bass is still relatively novel to most people.  If you ask most people what flies to use the typical response is a woolly bugger or a popper.  Those flies still have their place in bass fishing but fly design is changing and that correlates to increased catch rates.  Flies that fish like the jig n' pig setup used by the gear jerkers are one of my favorite styles of flies.  Here are a couple of flies that fit that category and bridge the gab between a traditional jig and a bass bug.

Barrett's Bassmaster Cascade Killer

Reindeau's Hairy Fodder

Pirate Hooker

Meat Whistle

Another fly I'd add to the above is the Geezus Lizard created by Jay Zimmerman.  He just seems to have a knack for creating flies that put fish in the boat.  When fishing this style of fly I like a long leader of at least 10 feet and a floating line.  90% of the time the fish will hit on the drop so get you line tight as the fly sinks.  I really like the jig hook 5444 made by The Fly Shop.  These hooks aren't as sharp as the jig hooks made by Gamakatsu or Diaiichi but they are a lot cheaper so you won't break into tears when the weeds eat them.  Give them a try and see how they work for you.

The Grab

Eat Up!