Bunny Midge Tying Instructions

Living in Tucson unusual.  It is hot enough right now that after I went biking the other day I was thinking it was damn hot and the bass are getting ready to spawn already.  The weird thing is that midges are popping and olives are soon to follow on most of the waters I'm used to fishing.  Here is my favorite midge pattern.  It is an easy tie, floats great and you can actually see it on the water.  I have had great luck with it on the Green, Provo, South Fork of Snake, and pretty much everywhere I have tried it.

Bunny Midge - Trout Fly

Hook: TMC 2487 #18-22
Thread: 8/0 Uni
Wing: Snowshoe hare's feet and orange polypropylene yarn
Body: Thread
Thorax: Superfine dubbing
Rib (optional): Krystal Flash

I usually tie this fly in either olive or black.  Add a krystal flash rib if you like.

Step 1: Tie in snowshoe hare on top of hook.
This is the only tricky step to the process and it isn't tricky.  Just x wrap over the snowshoe and don't worry about length you'll trim it later.

Step 2: Tie in orange poly yarn on top of snowshoe.

Step 3: Post up wing like a parachute.

Step 4: Wrap body with thread and dub thorax.

Step 5: Clip wing.
The best part about this fly is you can fish a midge emerger as a dropper and see strikes very well.  There aren't many midge dries that are as visible as this sucker.


  1. Thanks for sharing this pattern. Gotta love rabbit's feet.

  2. Good post... looking forward to reading more. I found your blog today on OBN... I like it and will follow along.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. Thanks for checking out the site. I look forward to following your blogs. Ryan


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