Springtime Bass n' Gills

Got out to Patagonia Lake this morning.  It was my first trip down there and it is a damn nice spot.  The bass fishing was slow although I did get one and saw one big boy in the shallows.  After working hard at the bass I figured it was time to get some fish for tacos.  I ended up keeping like 15 bluegill and everyone of them was a male so it is definitely prespawn.  The next month should have some good fishing.  I'm ready to get after it!!

Coues deer.
Looks bassy!
Mmm...simi seal leech my favorite
Patagonia Lake
As for flies I threw a lot of bugs for bass from bellyache minnows to the pirate hooker. The best fly for bluegill was a size 10 black simi seal leech.