Study Break

Test tomorrow, yeah, but I was just sitting there thinking about fishing and not studying anyway.  I had caught a carp out of this urban lake this winter and figured with the nice weather there'd be some fish in the shallows.
Where to start??

Tough to go wrong with a backstabber.

Chaco weather = good carpin' (usually).

Good looking flat.
Well there is a reason there is no carp shoot....because I didn't catch one.  I saw a couple wakes out a little deeper but nothing in close.  I'm gonna have to keep exploring to find the carp honey hole.  Alright, back to the books.  Gonna try and get out for carp and/or bass this weekend.


  1. Nice looking water. Soon...very soon. Life will be good again.

  2. It makes me feel bad though since you have the super power to catch them in a snow storm!

  3. Things seem to be a little different in rivers. They can't sit on the bottom and just go to sleep. Apparently they gotta eat - at least a little. They gotta eat...I gotta fish. Its a good deal! Even then it took a good 3 months of getting my arse handed to me to start catchin fish. Are there any carp rivers in your neck of the woods? If not the stillwaters can't be that far off from getting good?


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