P.T. Cruzer Tying Instructions

This is a sweet little nymph developed by Tim Tollett of Frontier Anglers in Dillon, MT.  This one is a PMD colored version but get creative and mix it up.  I am surprised that this fly isn't in the box of every western angler but I'd recommend adding it to yours.

P.T. Cruzer - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 2487 #16-18
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Rib: Copper Wire
Body: Pheasant Tail
Shuck: Yellow Krystal Flash
Wingcase: Black Thinskin
Thorax: PMD Dubbing

Step 1: Tie in the wire rib.

Step 2: Tie in pheasant tail and wrap body

Step 3: Rib pheasant tail with wire.

Step 4: Tie in 3 strands of krystal flash.

Step 5: Tie in thin skin.

Step 6: Dub thorax, tie down thinskin, and clip krystal flash.
Yeah step 6 is like three steps but oh well what are you gonna do.

In larger sizes this fly is a hella good steelhead nymph too.  Give it a try you'll like it.


  1. Cool looking fly! I tied up some nymphs with a shuck like that a few weeks ago, after seeing some chironomids hatching on a reservoir I was fishing, but haven't been able to use them yet. I'll have to try this pattern too!

  2. I have great success with this fly. I bet a little krystal flash shuck would be great for a midge pattern.


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