Blazing Prince

It's hot in Tucson, there aren't a whole lot of fishing options right now, and school has been pretty busy.  The good news is I have been playing around on the vise.  This fly is one I am super happy with.  I have been playing around with "hot spots" on flies.  The name of this fly was inspired by all the news stories of the forest fires as it kind of reminds me of the ash covered ground with the flames at the edge.  Give it a try.

Blazing Prince - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 3761 #14-16
Thread: Black 6/0 Uni
Bead: Black Tungsten Bead, 7/64 for the #14 and 3/32 for the #16
Tail: Black Pheasant Tail
Rib: Gold Wire
Body: Black Hare's Ear Dubbing
Wing: White Goose Biots
Collar: Black CDC
Hot Spot: Fluorescent Orange Thread

All right enough with the little flies....time to tie some big, floaticous, deer hair bugs and go see if the bass are looking for top water!


  1. Yeah, a little lean in the fishing destinations around here... you can bet that I will be at Vaca at dawn the day they re-open the forests. Them bass will have forgotten all about those annoying anglers. TOPWATER!

  2. I'll be right there with ya. I heard Patagonia is open, gonna check it out on Sunday. Gotta love the topwater bite.

  3. Oh boy... Patagonia being the only southern lake open will probably be a circus on the weekend. Let me know how it went.


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