Hair Packers

Deer hair bugs are tough to tie.  I have been tying for a while and tied trout flies for a shop during college and they are still one of the hardest flies for me to tie.  One tool that makes it a little easier to tie them is a hair packer.

 Here are three types of hair packers: an anvil push packer, a brassie hair packer and a bic pen w/o the ink insert.  The following three pics are them in action.  I know the pics are dark but it is REAL hard to pack hair and man a camera at the same time.

When it comes down to it, at least for me, the brassie packer and the bic pen work equally well.  The anvil is definitely the best packer that I have used.  

As you can see I still need some practice with the deer hair bugs but this little diver will hunt.


  1. Hey Ryan, seriously killer work on this fly. We gotta hook up to fish so we can discuss bird hunting. :) I have an 8 month old Britt that is gun broke, close working, and has a heck of a nose. Send me an email when you get a sec.


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