Hoover Hits

I love when bass eat flies cause they engulf them like a fat kid at dunkin donuts.  Today they were acting like fat kids.
I started off with a pirate hooker as I kind of tend to do now days.  It always pretty cool to catch fish on flies that you have designed.  Most of the time bass like to hit flies as they drop.  The pirate hooker is heavy enough that you can feel them hit when you are casting out some distance.  Strip, wait a couple seconds and strip again.  I miss a lot of fish during that drop but it beats not having them eat in the first place.

If the water is shallower I like to fish a jiggy bugger in the same manner.  You can flip in it to an area without making a huge ruckus and spooking most fish.  The best way to fish bass on the drop though is to sight fish to them.  This is one of the reasons I love to fish for them.  It isn't like sight fishing for trout.  When sight fishing for trout you get advice like watch the fish for any unusual movement or look for the white of their mouth.

Sight fishing bass is a little less technical.  If all of the sudden your three inch fly disappears - SET- cause a bass has just vacuumed it in like that fat kid with a donut hole.

Got this guy to eat on top.  Took a foam frog.  Probably my biggest of the day.

One big ass panfish.