Frozen Feet

My buddy Bert and I were going to try to get out fishing last Sunday but after three twelve hour shifts I couldn't stomach getting off work at 8 in the morning and heading straight to the river.  Fortunately we did get out today with Ryan tagging along.  

Bert's Box

Bert fishes the lower provo a lot and it is always fun to fish with someone on their home stretch of river.  The day started out pretty nice, sunny, no breeze and not totally freezing.  As the day progressed the wind picked up and it got colder.

Overall the fishing was pretty slow today but I did land a pig of a bow.  It was just about twenty inches  and definitely had some obesity issues.  Most of the fish we picked up today were on an olive scud or a black zebra midge.
Slab o' the Day

Frozen Guides
The best part about days like today is climbing back in the car and cranking the heater.  Sometimes though that warm car will put you right to sleep, good thing for rumble strips.  Thanks for not killing me today Bert....


  1. Good times! But that drive after a cold day is always a challenge. Next time it's coffee and sunflower seeds!



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