Fishing With Ice Holes

Headed out to fish some hard water yesterday.  Being that it was Jared and Dylan's first time ice fishing I figured we'd hit Pineview Reservoir as the perch fishing is always good there.  Well, yesterday not so much.

First fish of 2012 was a dink.

I won't say anything worked super well but we caught most of our fish on a green rat finkee tipped with a wax worm right off the bottom in depths between 30 and 40 feet.
Jared seems pretty excited to get out and try ice fishing again.  Jay is a big fan of fish tacos.  Cholla loves to do anything outside so she's in.  However, I am pretty sure my buddy Dylan is retiring from ice fishing.  We'll see maybe if we bring more booze and the love ewe from my bachelor party he will be enticed.

This fish was so big I had to get the scale out and weigh it.