Good trips

A good fishing trip isn't always measured in size or number of fish. It can be that one fish that changes the day, the setting or the company.
I just finished one of the good trips. We hit the Madison for a couple days and rented a cabin in Ennis. Fishing was good most days and when it wasn't we made up for it with whiskey gingers. Most of the fishing was on nymphs but dry fly fishing isn't too far off. It'd be really hard to say what bug worked the best as we got fish on a lot of different flies.
The great thing about the good trips is when you first realize it was one of the "good trips". It's usually on the last night over cocktails as you make plans for next year. As my buddy put it the day after the trip "felt odd (and a little sad) this morning to wake up clear headed and not have to put on waders and soggy boots." Indeed Jared, indeed.


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