Success on some trips is not measured purely by size of fish, number of fish, or even fishing in general. They are deemed successes by the nature of the possibilities a return trip may hold.

I headed to Lake Powell for a little backcountry kayaking/camping trip with my wife and a good friend last weekend.

The fishing was pretty good I caught a ton of little smallies and hooked one nice striper I lost right at the kayak.  I caught everything on a bellyache minnow pattern with a gray rabbit strip and white ice dub body.

Smallmouth freakin' love that fly.  I think it is probably the jigging action.

This is definitely a trip I would love to do again.  I would like to dedicate a lot more time to fishing and less to tooling around in a kayak.  I would do a couple of things differently...

1. Bring carp flies.  There were a pile of carp on some of the sandy beaches.

2. Go with people who want to fish so when you find a good area for stripers you can fish it hard.

3. Spend more time in the early morning fishing. That seemed like when the fish were most active.

We rented kayaks from http://www.kayakpowell.com/ and they were kind of spendy but super convenient.  So...if you are looking for a fun trip that is a change of pace from trout check out Lake Powell in early June.