The Raccoon Piss

Sometimes you name a fly to be witty or funny.  This bug's name has some real meaning.  A year ago a couple buddies and I hit the Green River in Wyoming.  We fished hard and caught some good fish.  One night after imbibing in a bottle of brown liquor we all hit the bed.  Unfortunately, the food storage plan involved putting all the food on the hood of my pickup.  Needless to say I was awaken by a pack of ravenous coons destroying our food stores in addition to my truck hood.  On that trip we fished some backwaters where you didn't want a huge streamer just something pretty light.  As they say necessity is the mother of invention.

The Raccoon Piss

Hook: Diachii 1750
Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes
Dubbing: Ice Dub
Legs: Crazy Legs
Wing: Rabbit Strip
Flash: Angel Hair or Flashabou
Head: Craft Fur

Best dumbbell eyes on the market! Period!

Step 1: Secure dumbbell eyes on the top of hook shank.

Step 2: Put some ice dub in a dubbing loop. 

Step 3: Wrap body.

 Step 4: Tie in some crazy legs.
Step 5: Pierce a rabbit hide, pull over body and tie off.
Step 6: Tie in some flash for the overwing.

Step 7: Spin some craft fur up in a dubbing loop.

 Step 8: Make a mess....i.e. wrap that dubbing loop.

Step 9: Brush the crap outta the head and trim it up nice.

The next step is go fish.  Also one last piece of advice for camping in coon country.  They won't eat swedish fish.  Trust me on this one.  So....hit Costco, getcha some swedish fish and fish care free.


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