Sagey Skwala Nymph

I got again last weekend to fill my last Utah sage grouse tag.  I have always liked to use feathers from birds for fly tying.  This is a skwala nymph that has worked very well for me the last couple of years.
This fly is basically a variation of the 20 incher stone.  It works like a champ in April and May on the middle Provo and the Weber.

The Sagey Skwala

Hook: Daiichi 1730 #8
Thread: Olive UTC 140
Antenna: Tan Goose Biots
Bead 1: Gold Tungsten 7/64
Bead 2: MFC Coffee Lucent Bead 5/32
Wire: Lead Free .035
Tail: Tan Goose Biots
Rib: Yellow Tinsel
Abdomen: SLF Red Fox Squirrel (Thorax)
Wing Case: Mottled Olive Thin Skin
Legs: Sage Grouse Body Feather
Thorax: Olive Brown Ice Dub
Epoxy: Clear Cure Goo Hydro

I love getting out and hunting sage grouse.  Such an iconic bird and symbol of the west.  Zephyr has been great so far this year.  Well with the exception of ranging a little to far from time to time.

Step 1: Slide on the 7/64 gold bead.
 Step 2: Tie in a tan goose biot on both sides of the fly.

 Step 3: Slide on the 5/32 coffee bead and "hop the thread over it" make sure and leave a gap.

 Step 4: Wrap on you lead wire.

 Step 5: Tie in two tail biots and the yellow tinsel.

Step 6: Dub the abdomen of the fly.
Step 7: Rib the abdomen.
Step 8: Tie in your thin skin.
 Step 9: Prep your sage grouse feather and clip out the tip.

Step 10: Tie in your first set of legs.
Step 11: Dub the thorax of the fly.
Step 12 : Tie in the second set up legs.  They may look a bit unruly but will fold back nicely with the thin skin.

 Step 13: Dub a little more ice dub. Whip finish and apply CCG to the thin skin.

Here is the view of the fly from above.  I also really like this fly in all black in a size 10 or in golden stone colors in a size 6.


  1. I love the idea of hunting birds, to get feathers, to tie flies, to catch fish, (to eat fish?)

    Great fly designs as well. Are there other birds (maybe waterfowl) you hunt and use as fly tying materials? If so, I would be really interested in seeing more patterns!


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