Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Meat

Got to take my buddy Jay out on his first elk hunt. He made it look easy and now we have some burger in the freezer. I am pretty sure he is hooked now.......can't wait til next season.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Materials

One of my favorite things about tying is using new or different materials to improve on old patterns. In the last year a couple of my favorite materials to incorporate have been senyo's laser dubbing, snowshoe hare and fox tail. Here is a modification I made to the Stay Hungry Streamer using fox tail and ice wing.

I am really glad I bought the whole fox tail due to the different lengths of hair you can get off of it. I am going to tie up some skunk patterns for steelhead using it for the wing instead of calf tail.

Can't wait to see what the bass and trout think about it.

Carp Fly

One thing about living in Tucson and being in nursing school is you get to tie whatever flies you want because there aren't a lot of impending trips coming up you need to get ready for.......wait that isn't a good thing. Anyway here is a carp fly that just came off the vise.

Tail: Olive Crazy Legs
Body: AZ Simi-Seal Dubbing
Eyes: Brass Dumbell Eyes
Legs: Oive Crazy Legs
Wing: Red Fox Tail