Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wasatch Back Quad-fishalon Day #1 East Canyon Reservoir

I have to admit that I have a little secret.  Yeah I actually like ice fishing.  I know people do it to get out of the inversion and it has been a bad ski season and there are other excuses people use but I actually enjoy it.  Maybe its my Minnesota roots.  Oh and if you judge me cause I occasionally drop a tube jig with a worm on it down a hole - guess what I don't care.

I decided to sign up for the wasatch back quad-fishalon ice tournament this year just for shits and giggles.  It was kind of crazy seeing all the ice huts out.

Fishing was pretty poor by most accounts today.  The top three trout get prizes and then if you sign up for all four lakes you can win a combined grand prize of your biggest trout from each location.  I was sweating bullets as I still had the skunk going with 45 minutes left.  Fortunately this fat 13.5 inch bow decided to stop by and play.

The biggest fish to come out of the ice today was only 18 inches so assuming I avoid skunage and can manage a few bigger fish I'll still be in the running for the grand prize.

As you can see the east canyon boat ramp was packed.  It was a nice day on the lake.  I may have got a little too much sun on my face but my sun screen was too cold to squeeze out.  Next up Deer Creek February 8th...stay tuned.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Frosty Fingers

One of my new year's resolutions was to fish the Provo at least one time every month.  It seems like such a simple thing to accomplish making it to a river that is 45 minutes from my house but last year I probably only got 6 days on the Provo.  Today was the first time in January.  I hit the lower which is always colder than the middle cause it takes so long for the sun to hit the water.

Fishing was really good but mostly little guys.  This brown just happens to be my first trout on the fly in 2014.  I lost one good fish and caught maybe half a dozen in the 8-12 inch range.

I did get a couple on top which was fun and frustrating.  I had to sneak into position downstream of the risers in a back eddy and shoot a fair bit of line.  It is really hard to shoot any line when your guides look like this.

It turned out to be a super pretty day with the sun out by the time I left.  It was a good day to be out.  Bald eagles, brown trout, and I have the feeling back in my toes and fingers now.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Covered in Schlappen

Sometimes you need a little inspiration to get back to doing the things you enjoy.  It is amazing how easily your time can slip away and you realize you didn't get out as much as you wanted to last year.  My inspiration right now is a BWCA fly fishing trip with my brother this fall.  Getting psyched to chase smallies and northerns and camp in one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Tying pike flies means digging out the bucktail.


I imagine you could tie pike flies without flat waxed nylon but I wouldn't recommend it.

Tying flies in fleece pants always seems like a good idea........

Half and Half's in red/white and chartreuse/white tied on a little smaller hook than usual for pike so the smallmouth can enjoy too.  

I tell you it feels really good to be covered in schlappen right now!