Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meat Tossers

Some throw hamburger I prefer the sex dungeon....and so do the browns.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Renegade Tying Instructions

A good buddy and I are gonna head up into the Uintas and try to milk one last weekend out of the high country before the winter starts to hit.  I think the plan is to hike into some lake and try to catch some brookies.  The renegade has lost some popularity but it is still one of the best high country flies I know of.  It just flat works and is a pretty little fly.

Renegade - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 900BL #14-18
Thread: Black 6/0 Uni
Tag: Flat Gold Tinsel
Rear Hackle: Brown
Body: Peacock
Front Hackle: White

Step 1: Tie in tinsel.

Step 2: Take 3 wraps of tinsel and tie off.

Step 3: Tie in brown hackle.

Step 4: Wrap hackle forward and tie off.

Step 5: Tie in peacock and wrap the peacock around your tying thread.

Step 6: Wrap the thread (with the peacock around it) forward and tie off.

Step 7: Tie in white hackle.

Step 8: Wrap hackle and tie off.  Head cement.

I think reinforcing the peacock herl and using head cement are both key to this fly since a lot of times you catch a lot of fish in mountain lakes and these steps help keep your fly in one piece.  Go fish.

Monday, September 26, 2011

American Fork

Went out fishing today on American Fork Creek and if you want to catch a lot of fish, GO.  Fishing was good never had to change flies.  I fished a hopper juan with a ice dub prince nymph dropper and slayed. Nothing huge but good bows and browns for a small creek.

If you see this rock there are a lot of fish below it....A LOT!

The fall colors just add to the fun.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Saying that I love the fall is an understatement.  The only thing I don't like about it is waking up and having to make a decision on fishing, big game hunting or chasing birds.  Today I decided to go out with my buddy Guy and look for grouse.

Grouse country.
We heard bulls screaming as we walked up the ridge.  We covered a lot of really good country before we eventually found some birds.  Cholla did great and flushed all the birds we saw except one single.  She has some pretty big shoes to fill with Orvis entering semi-retirement but she has the makings of a fantastic bird dogs and is learning quickly.

Aspens in full colors.
Gotta go fire up the vise now and make some baetis soft hackles with the feathers!!

Proud Dad!  First season and she is already starting to get it figured out!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bugling Bulls

I spent the last couple days out chasing elk and deer with my bow.  There are youth rifle elk and muzzerloader deer hunting seasons going on in this area so I had to wear some blaze orange.  Fortunately, we hiked in far enough that we didn't see a soul.

We saw lots of animals.  Several elk and a bunch of deer including one really nice buck.

We snuck right up on this doe in her bed.  Decided not to shoot which was great because she had a fawn with her that we couldn't see in the tall grass.

Click on the pic if you can't pick her out on the smaller version.
I always love sleeping up on the mountain.  This was home for the night.  We went to bed with elk on the ridge above camp, had a deer or two visit us in the night, and woke up to bugling bulls. 

Kinda hard to beat.....well elk steaks in the freezer would've been nice but it was still a great time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ah Fall - Middle Provo

 The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind.  Moved, got married, and yesterday I took my state boards for nursing.  It is kind of crazy going from maddness to nothing to do but look for a job....and go fishing!

Started out with fish rising to caddis this the morning.  Got this nice brown on a caddis larva.
We fished the gamet of flies today.  Lots of bugs out caddis, midges, PMDs, and hoppers.  It is crazy to see this many  PMDs this late in the season.
Tasty trout morsel!!

 Ahhhh!!!  A beautiful fall day.  My favorite time to be out on the river.  It helps to have two good buddies out there with you.

Can't wait to get out again.  I am sure the fishing for the browns will just improve over the next month or so.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Steelhead Video

Here is a pretty cool video. Enjoy it with your morning coffee!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ice Dub Cased Caddis Larva Tying Instructions

One thing I notice when I look at my buddies fly boxes is often a lack of caddis nymphs.  I am not sure why that is.  There are tons of caddis in the area and they are very effective fished deep on the bottom.  Here is a cased caddis larva that is super easy to tie.

Ice Dub Cased Caddis Larva - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 200R #10-20
Thread: 6/0 Olive Uni
Bead: Black Tungsten
Rib: Chartreuse Wire
Body: Turkey Tail
Thorax: Caddis Green Ice Dub

Step 1: Slide bead onto hook.

Step 2: Tie in chartreuse wire.

Step 3: Tie in turkey tail.

Step 4: Wrap turkey tail forward building a slight taper.

Step 5: Rib body with wire, wrapping opposite the way you wrapped the turkey tail.

Step 6: Dub thorax and whip finish.
For the body of this fly you could use dubbing or pheasant tail as well.  I prefer the turkey tail as it has a couple contrasting colors and at least in my mind is a bit more realistic to an actual cased caddis.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Times Are A Changing

Got out for a morning quickie.  Flushed one ruffed and missed one ruffed.  I am pretty rusty with the shotgun!!!!!
Yup, the picture is blurry but if you think getting not one, but two springers to sit still for a picture when they see a shotgun come out the truck is easy then you haven't ever hunted over a springer.

Today is the first day that I have really noticed the colors coming on.  Living in Tucson last year is really making me appreciate the fall....crisp morning, frost, and the leaves changing colors.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cholla Got the Blues

"Golden days come and go. There is one thing I know. I've still got the blues for you"

- Gary Moore

I haven't been out grouse hunting for almost two years, Cholla's never been out grouse hunting, and my buddy isn't really an expert grouse hunter but we got out today and did okay.  The day started out pretty quickly when we spotted a covey just off the road.  Now just for the record I hate road hunters but if there is a covey of grouse it just seems silly to not get out of the truck and see if they'll flush.

A couple loads of 7 and a half shot and Cholla has her first blues EVER. 

She hunted hard the rest of the day and we ended up with one more bird and couple misses.   When I say misses I what I am saying is we blew it......  I'm gonna blame not having shot in the past 21 months, Cholla has no idea what to expect, and I think Jay was blaming the wind, regardless we didn't limit but it was still a great day.  

The only bummer was the two bull elk that ran in front of me laughing because I brought a shotgun and a dog to the woods today instead of my bow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011