Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Smell Of Skunk

I know I have gone chukar hunting twice in a row and not gotten any birds.  I am pretty sure though that I have never gone twice in a row and not flushed any birds.  After working all night and getting two hours of sleep my buddy Guy and I took his pup, Selkie, out today.  

We covered some fantastic country but it was a very uneventful day, except for Selkie trying to do cartwheels through the boulders in the creek bed.  I am gonna head back on Wednesday and try some other spots hopefully with some success pics to post.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Strange forces seem to compel us to climb mountains and stand on their peaks. Determination must be among these reasons.  After a half dozen false summits dash your hopes of finally attaining your goal something pushes you on.

Maybe, it's the spirit of adventure to see what lies beyond.  That small bit of Huck Finn in all of us.
For me the answer is more primordial.  It is a worthy adversary. A small, gray bird that flushes hard and flies fast and is earned only through sweat and boot leather. This is what encourages me to climb on.

The long, steep climb, better than any stair climber on the market.

A perfect day to be in chukar country.

Today belonged to the chukar, but fret not for very soon we will be climbing to the summit yet again.

Happy but chukarless.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Making Bugs

Got some friends together last night to whip up some stonefly nymphs and simi seal leechs.  We had a couple novices at tying and some who haven't tied a lot lately.  It was a great time and somehow we managed to pretty much finish a bottle of whiskey.

The gang. you even know what you are doing?

Homebrews and rubber legs.

Getting the hang of it.

Where did that whiskey go?

A 20 incher stone in the making.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fly Fishing for Bass on Lake Powell

This video isn't new but it has great footage and kinda makes me wanna go fishing.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pike Diver - Tying Instructions

This is just a modification on the dahlberg diver for pike.  It can be tied with a rabbit strip tail as well but the yak hair makes for a lighter fly that won't wear out your arm casting all day.  Yak hair is really nice to get a fly that fishes big but isn't too heavy.  There are a lot of synthetic materials out there too that you can use as a substitute to the yak hair.

Pike Diver
Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #1/0
Thread: Black Mono
Flash: Red Fire Fly
Tail: Black Yak Hair
Hackle: Black Schlappen
Body: Black Deer Hair

Step 1: Tie in flash.

Step 2: Tie in yak hair.
Step 3: Tie in schlappen.

Step 4: Wrap schlappen forward.

Step 5: Stack 1-2 bunches of hair and tie in on top of hook.

Step 6: Push hair back with hair packer and use tight wraps to push hair back.
Step 7: Spin 1-2 clumps of deer hair around hook shank.  Push plastic baggie over eye of hook.

Step 7: Spin 1-2 more clumps of deer hair around hook shank.

Step 8: Your fly will now look something like this.

Step 9: Trim diver head back to plastic baggie.  Trim bottom of fly flat.

Step 10: Tear baggie off of hook.

Step 11: Trim in deer hair collar.

Step 12: Tie off.  Some finished divers.
When tying this fly make sure and use strong thread and use tight wraps to secure materials to fly as pike beat the hell out of flies.  When spinning the hair hold in place and first make a loose wrap followed by a second loose wrap and the pull down hard and release the hair to flair it.  The baggie trick works great for tying divers.  I got the technique from Charlie Craven and the only disadvantage is sometimes the baggie remnants are still visible on the fly but the fish don't care.  Go fish!