Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thunder Chickens

Turkey season started this year with much anticipation.  I was pretty much planning on dedicating my free time in May to finding some birds in Utah.  I've had good luck hunting turkeys in Idaho but never here in Utah.

One of the best parts of turkey hunting in the sunrises.  Turkey hunting at least for me is a morning gig and you need an early start.

Spent a lot of time in woods looking for birds.  Saw a bunch of elk the first couple times out but only a few birds.  One day I had several birds gobbling in close and I knew I had to get one more day in that area despite an upcoming fishing trip with my buddy Jay.  Fortunately it was easy to talk him into heading out for a morning.


It turned out to be a good decision and I harvested a jake.  It may not be a big ol' tom but he'll eat!
Just doing our part to keep the world safe from thunder chickens one bird at a time.

Monday, May 27, 2013

I tie blood knots way better hammered...

There are trips I gotta do every year. One of them is heading out on a bass/bluegill expedition every spring.  Most of these trips have been with my buddy Jay and it is about fun as you can have fly fishing.

 As Jay says "if you aren't smiling when you are catching bluegill then something is just wrong with you."
You know for once Jay said something really intelligent...
Decided to try making some camp style bangers n' mash...crushed it!  Camp cooking is one of the best parts of trips like this.

We did well for both bass and bluegill.  Most of the bluegill we caught on rubber legged dragons and I had the best luck for bass on a purple jiggy bugger, a rust pirate hooker, or a purple bass killer.
Redneck boat dock.

We had one epic day of fishing.  The kind of day you get up super early, fish hard, head in for a break to fillet some fish, have a couple beers, realize you are kinda buzzed, and look at you watch which says its only eleven.  Then you grab a nap wake up to wind have a couple more beers, realize you are buzzed again, and make dinner.  Then you head out in the boat wail on fish and get buzzed for a third time in the same day.  It was out on the water that night that Jay said "man, I tie blood knots better when I'm hammered".   Well I don't know about that but it is sure a lot more fun.