Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ladybug Fly

On my last trip up into a Uintas lake we kept a couple fish.  I don't keep trout that often but when I do I like to see what they've been eating so I can come back with flies to match.  One thing I found in all the trout I kept on this trip was ladybugs and some of the fish had a lot of ladybugs.  I seem to remember seeing some ladybug flies somewhere but here is the version I came up with.

Ladybug Fly - Trout Fly
Hook: TMC 900BL #18
Thread: Uni 8/0 Black
Foamback: Red Foam
Hackle: Brown
Body: UV Ice Dub Peacock
Post: Golden McFlylon

Side View

Top View

They're coming for ya!
If you are headed into the mountains try some out you may be surprised.  I know I was to see how important a food source ladybugs were to fish in high mountain lakes.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Bass Pond

The bass pond isn't in any magazines.  It is the kind of place you find on your way home from one of the places in the magazines.   You don't set out to find the bass pond it finds you.

You: Hey slow down, is that water over there?
Buddy: Maybe.
You: I wonder if there are fish in it?
Buddy: I doubt it.
You: We probably better take a look.
Buddy: You read my mind.

If you were watching the road  a little closer you'd never see this place.

"The Bass Pond"

Little Bass

Good Sized Bluegill
Thats what makes places like this special.  You find them by happenstance and they turn out to have some pretty good fishing.