Monday, October 10, 2016

Sagey Skwala Nymph

I got again last weekend to fill my last Utah sage grouse tag.  I have always liked to use feathers from birds for fly tying.  This is a skwala nymph that has worked very well for me the last couple of years.
This fly is basically a variation of the 20 incher stone.  It works like a champ in April and May on the middle Provo and the Weber.

The Sagey Skwala

Hook: Daiichi 1730 #8
Thread: Olive UTC 140
Antenna: Tan Goose Biots
Bead 1: Gold Tungsten 7/64
Bead 2: MFC Coffee Lucent Bead 5/32
Wire: Lead Free .035
Tail: Tan Goose Biots
Rib: Yellow Tinsel
Abdomen: SLF Red Fox Squirrel (Thorax)
Wing Case: Mottled Olive Thin Skin
Legs: Sage Grouse Body Feather
Thorax: Olive Brown Ice Dub
Epoxy: Clear Cure Goo Hydro

I love getting out and hunting sage grouse.  Such an iconic bird and symbol of the west.  Zephyr has been great so far this year.  Well with the exception of ranging a little to far from time to time.

Step 1: Slide on the 7/64 gold bead.
 Step 2: Tie in a tan goose biot on both sides of the fly.

 Step 3: Slide on the 5/32 coffee bead and "hop the thread over it" make sure and leave a gap.

 Step 4: Wrap on you lead wire.

 Step 5: Tie in two tail biots and the yellow tinsel.

Step 6: Dub the abdomen of the fly.
Step 7: Rib the abdomen.
Step 8: Tie in your thin skin.
 Step 9: Prep your sage grouse feather and clip out the tip.

Step 10: Tie in your first set of legs.
Step 11: Dub the thorax of the fly.
Step 12 : Tie in the second set up legs.  They may look a bit unruly but will fold back nicely with the thin skin.

 Step 13: Dub a little more ice dub. Whip finish and apply CCG to the thin skin.

Here is the view of the fly from above.  I also really like this fly in all black in a size 10 or in golden stone colors in a size 6.